Tribute 2 : To the stalwarts of prose

The immortal poets of the past have handed me the undying beauty of the epics. I also believe the those who rewrote and reinterpreted those epics in prose have given me the reason and rationale with their research. I would like to mention some of the authors whose literature  heavily influenced me.

K.M. Munshi

I have to be thankful to my good friend Rakesh for suggesting Krishnavatara series. This work has succeeded in making me experience Krishna to the fullest. It has in fact rekindled the story of Abhaya which I had long dismissed as an adolescent fantasy.

Munshi’s way of expanding Krishna’s self without attaching the supernatural dimension had me floored and I admit that many concepts of Abhaya too are inspired from his reinterpretations.

Bankim Chandra Chatterjee (Krishna Charitra)

The poet of Vande mataram fame has come out with this appreciably rational thesis on Krishna’s personality. I am grateful to Dr. Krishna Udayasankar (author of Aryavarta chronicles) for suggesting me the same. While Bankim ji passionatey announces his devotion to Krishna, he has taken the care to put aside his devotion in his thesis. With his rational and logical approach he has succeeded in clearing the cloud of myths that have kept us away from the sun that is Krishna. I am always in admiration of him for bringing us the Krishna who had existed in flesh and blood without the supernatural shades. In projecting Krishna as a human like you and me, Bankim ji has also made it clear what differentiates Krishna from you and me.

I take it as an indirect message from this literary stalwart that each of us can be a Krishna in our own way. I am thankful to  Alo Shome and Pradip Bhattacharya for translating this work originally in Bengali into English.

SL Bhyrappa (Parva)

The Sahitya akademi winning novel is an unconventional reconstruction of Mahabharata. SLB stands apart in his unique way of recreating the canvas of those times. Many of his commentaries had me pondering over things which I would have otherwise taken for granted. In my opinion this was one work that had hurled me out of my comfort zone and presented the instincts of the people who existed in those times. It made me step into the shoes of every principal character and review Mahabharata from multiple perspectives.

There are also other books which include Yuganta by Irawati Karve, Harivamsham in prose by Pilaka Ganapati Shastry, Ancient Indian dynasties by V.S Sharma and many more which have contributed to my study while writing this story. My memory in incapable of remembering all of them at this moment. I shall add them to the list as soon as I recollect each and every one of them.


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